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eSports is the fastest-growing form of engaging in and following sports. Reaching more than half a billion people worldwide, the field is generating a surrounding multi-layered ecosystem that will open up numerous business opportunities for growth-oriented businesses in Finland. As is often the case, the fastest and most agile businesses will find the most attractive niches in this ecosystem as well.

The ecosystem offers a platform for developing radical innovations. In addition, it can be utilised in expanding business operations to new markets – for example, to Asia, where eSports is particularly popular. In the upcoming years, the interest of the world of sports will be directed at Asia due to the Tokyo Summer Olympics (2020) and the Beijing Winter Olympics (2022). In light of the volume of eSports and the size of the Asian consumer market. it is realistic to expect the potential related to eSports for Finnish businesses to be calculated in billions of euros.

Digitalization is also reshaping traditional sports. This development is generating hybridicity, i.e. various combinations of two or several things. The VaCoSBE project template has been constructed to make this hybridicity understood and to turn the po­tential linked to it into new business. The understanding produced in the project will ripple far into society and facilitate the creation of novel concepts that utilise eSports.

The project template is the product of a collaboration between the Turku University of Applied Sciences, the Finnish Institute for Occupational Health, the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, University of Turku and the University of Eastern Finland. Co-Creation funding (June–December 2018) will facilitate the construction, by means of service design and co-creation, a Co-Innovation project, i.e. a complex formed by the R&D projects of the participating companies and the parallel, scientifically ambitious research project (ca. €1.5 million; project implementation: August 2019–August 2021).

The research project will seek answers to the following questions:


  • What kind of environment does eSports (and its integration into sports) offer for market-altering innovations?
  • Which kinds of scalable forms of value creation arising from hybridicity are opened up for busi­nesses that utilise eSports in terms of content and/or as an instrument?
  • How new technologies (i.e. IoT, AI, VR & AR) can be used for value creation in eSports ecosystem?


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